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Playing with Mirrors

Love our ethos?


Want to create an Accredited RootEd Learning Cooperative?


One of the major factors keeping families stuck in the system is the lack of accessible alternative learning provision - school has been designed to provide childcare and keep us trapped!

Our RootEd Practitioners are professionally trained to offer both 'drop off' sessions and family focused workshops and classes - from birth to adulthood!


The Rooted method is focused on providing safe, respectful, nurturing, inclusive spaces where EVERY person thrives


We want our Children and young people to have a voice that they feel proud and confident to use


The Rooted Program will enable you to create  communities that enable our Children and young people to...


know that they are respected and safe 


show authentic compassion and care towards their community - the kind that can only manifest when they feel a sense of belonging


understand and value the uniqueness of other Cultures, as well as their own


be guardians of our planet and everything that lives here


feel deeply connected to their own intuition and recognise the importance of nervous system regulation and mindfulness


be full of awe and curiosty 


be little 



  There are 6 Magick Ingredients that combine to make learning truly RootEd

Kindling Magick

The uniquesness of you!

Learning cultures from around the world

Celebrating Neurodiversity 

Sensory Processing

Interoception - the hidden sense

Highly Sensitive Children

Elemenatal Magick

Earth - connecting to our body through movement & yoga

Air- connecting to our inner world through breathwork

Fire- connecting to our voice through song, stories and drumming

Water- entering the intuitive dreamscape through meditative practices

Campfire Magick

Creating safe, respectful, nurturing nature based environments that inspire curiosity and play

Creative Magick

Unleashing our unique creativity through art, sound, movement & wild sensory play

Rooted Magick

Recognising  holistic development from birth to teens - honouring rites of passage such as Menarche

Connecting to the Wheel of the Year

Moon Magick & Star Gazing

Wildling Medicine Magick

Growing, Cooking and exploring Wild Medicine 

Showing reverence for plant and animal kin 

Aswell as learning how to create an authentically inclusive Learning Cooperative the program also includes the following Professionally Certified Training , enabling our Practitioners to offer classes and workshops that meet the needs of the entire family.



Mother Circle Facilitation


Baby Massage Teacher Training

Baby Yoga 

Advanced Baby Yoga

A Babyled Play Toolkit

Little Yogi Teacher Training (2-8 years)

Teen Yogis (9-16 years)

Nature Babies Practitioner Training

Nature Tots and  Explorers Practitioner Training

Curricula from around the world  including Montessori, Rie, Pikler, Reggio Emilia, Forest School and Tewhariki- earn logos for each one

Process Art in the Early Years

Aromatherapy as a sensory play tool

Aromatherapy for Family Wellbeing 


8 PDF parent workbooks, specialist workshop & class plans included

20 Video tutorials with expertly designed routines you can use in your classes


Teenagers in Nature

Who is this Program for?

RootEd Accreditation is an open invitation to advocate for our Children and young people


It's an invitation to use your voice and step away from an industrialised education system that's creating so much harm.

Did you know that 93% of children in the UK have experienced 'stress'?

The neural pathways that form in our Children’s brains impact their mental health for the rest of their lives

93% of our Children are being hard wired for STRESS

This cannot continue 

Our Children deserve better

Children CANNOT learn when they are stressed … this is a scientifically proven fact!

RootEd spaces nurture children so that they feel safe to learn, explore, share, belong and just be LITTLE!



How does the training work?

The Rooted Accreditation Program is an online self paced course, you have lifetime access to all course material and can work entirely at your own pace.

There are no deadlines, no ongoing fees and no contract that will tie you in knots - we are NOT a franchise!

As soon as you complete a section of the training you can begin to implement it into your RootEd Community  - you don't have to complete everything before you can launch - this enables you to earn while you study and grow a business at a rate that suits you and the needs of your family.


 In order to qualify as a RootEd Learning Cooperative  Provider you complete coursework and case studies - with plenty of support if needed.

You also have access to our Business Mentorship Program - this is where i guide you step by step through the exact process i went through to create my own thriving business.

Girl with Autumn Leaf

What are people saying about our Training?...

  Added Bonuses...

Every RootEd Practitioner will receive...

Years FREE Membership within in The RootEd Roundhouse - limited spaces available


A FREE listing on our website directory 

FREE ongoing membership of a private community group 

FREE access to a regularly updated Business Mentorship Program 


30% off  Curriculum resources, workshops and ebooks

Lifetime access to all course material 

50% off 1:1 Coaching with Clare

Book The full  RootEd Cooperative Learning Community Founder Training here 

So, what exactly is a Learning Cooperative?


The quick answer to this is that it can be anything the families in your community need!


It's a space where children and young people can connect, follow their own interests, learn in their own way and feel safe to be truly themselves


It's a space where parents can feel confident that their child will be respected and nurtured





Is it school?


Hell no!


But what these spaces will do is offer more parents who want to home educate or unschool but have to work outside the family the opportunity to do just this!





Do i need Ofsted /Authority Registration


Not necessarily ...we cover the legalities in detail within the course





Do i have to offer 'drop off' sessions


Absolutely not - you can exclusively run sessions where parents stay or a mixture of both - there are no rules, you won't be tied in knots!





What if i don't know what 'activities' to offer?


Don't worry - you'll get a full 12 months FREE access to the RootEd Roundhouse - with age/stage appropriate curriculum packages included ...

 Join the full  RootEd  Learning Cooperative Founder Accreditation Program  HERE*

*individual payment plans are available upon request - a limited number of Scholarships are available - click the link below and scroll to the very bottom of the page to find out more!

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