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Welcome Home to the RootEd Roundhouse




A space where you are truly celebrated for being you


A space where you are welcome exactly as you are right now


A space where rest and nervous system regulation is honoured


A space where creativity and kindness count more than tick list test scores




What is the Roundhouse?

As a Home Educating Mum and former Teacher i was horrified with 'pandemic schooling'

Home Ed is not 8 hours in front of a screen all day  - that's literally the already deeply flawed school system - but in isolation!

As human beings we need connection in order to thrive - that's where the Roundhouse comes in!

A beautiful combination of Holistic Home Ed curriculum programs combined with an authentic sense of community and belonging - we were never meant to parent in isolation.

Here you'll find classes and workshops for the entire family based on our ethos of family centred, earth conscious, respectful, community led education.

Find out more about what you can find in each room of the Roundhouse Below...

                                                                                      (click each room for a tour!)




















How does it all work?

When you join the Roundhouse you have access to every room via your own online portal and can dip in and out of all the regularly updated classes, workshops, activities, workbooks and programs in any way you like as often as you like!


The Roundhouse Garden Fairies even send out letters to our Kindling in the post throughout the year!


It might be that you need time to regulate your own nervous system with a short breathwork practice or gentle yoga flow, you might need some rainy day craft inspiration or some family yoga , maybe you need a recipe or you might want to download a workbook for your little wildling or guide your teen towards some thought provoking , self directed learning activities . Maybe you just need somewhere to vent or ask for support - it's all welcome here .

The content of each room will be updated regularly throughout the season to create a library of ongoing resources.

The Play Room (3-8 years) and Cabin (9-15 years) will be updated weekly with brand new resources and activities - these are linked to the seasons. At the start of each new season we'll do a big clean and all the old resources in these rooms will be packed away and we'll start again!

You have access to the whole Roundhouse for as long as your subscription is active

How much does it cost?

To be a full member of the RootEd Roundhouse currently costs £77 for a season (3 months) or £222 for the entire year- this works out as around 60p a day!

RootEd Cooperative Learning Community Founders receive a years membership for free!


To maintain our ethos we close the doors to the Roundhouse once we feel we've reached capacity

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