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"Everyone talks about peace, but no one educates for peace, 


In this world they educate for competition, and competition is the beginning of any war.

When educating to cooperate and owe each other solidarity, that day we will be educating for peace"


Maria Montessori

Imagine a world where we truly valued the unique gifts and skills of every person.


A world where the storytellers, artists and gardeners were celebrated 



A world where we stopped creating competition and focused on collaboration.

A world where every Child's voice was heard

A world where families gathered together in community 

A world where the never ending policies, procedures and tick lists were chucked onto the fire



The Education system is failing our Children 

Is it flawed? Nope, it's doing exactly what it's designed to do - create a generation of robots who are conditioned from birth to fit in, to stay quiet, not to stand out or make a fuss.

It's designed to put academic achievement (the kind that sets you up for a life on the 9-5 treadmill) as the ultimate goal.

It's designed to make creative, empathic children feel like they are failing

It's designed to make parents feel like they're failing

It's designed to make heart led teachers feel like they are failing

It's designed to create competition and comparison

As a Mother and as Teacher i have witnessed this again and again.

Rooted is about putting the needs of each individual child and family at the heart of education. It's about celebrating the things that make us unique, understanding what makes other people unique and recognising that communities need the magick of every single one of us!

We are bringing the Village back to education.


Children can only learn when they feel safe, respected and seen - research has proven this again and again. So why are we severing the attachment between parent and child at every possible opportunity?

Why are we making it impossible for Mothers to choose to be with their children?

Why are we putting so much red tape in place that small, family centred educators are literally strangled by it?

Its time for change

I’m Clare - an unschooling mama of two wild daughters (& a whole host of animals)  wife, doula and ex teacher.

In 2018, exhausted and disillusioned i left a full time teaching career and founded the Little Wildflower Forest School site - this was initially a space where children could just BE children.


I very quickly realised that the parents who came along needed the connection and nurturing that was on offer as much as their wildlings did and it became a wellbeing sanctuary for the whole family.



After over 20 years of working with families and children (as a qualified teacher, head of early years education and as a Doula) i have spent years researching and writing about child development and the neuroscience of learning and attachment. I hand on heart believe that the RootEd curriculum supports natural development and learning in the most holistic way possible - without being trapped within the contraints of a system that simply doesn't value them.

We use a combination of play based, curiosity led learning and mindfulness sprinkled with muddy feet, cosy

stories and friendship.



We bring back the sacredness of childhood by celebrating rites of passage - from losing that first tooth through to menarche - because these foundational memories matter.



We reconnect our children to their own needs as human beings - who shouldn't be expected to eat, drink or pee on demand only!



We reconnect our children to the rhythms of the land they live on rather than teaching them about it through a computer screen



We reconnect our children to their unique family culture, rather than trying to squeeze them into a malleable, compliant box where everyone looks and sounds the same (and never rocks the boat!)



We support families to take care of their wellbeing as a collective - sharing healthy coping mechanisms and a sense of belonging


Inclusivity matters to me, because inclusivity creates diversity and we need communities where everyone is represented



This is why I am offering a handful of Scholarships on our RootEd Learning Cooperative Founder Training - these will be half price with the option to pay over 9 months

*please note: scholarships are for those unable to afford the training at full price only*


This professionally recognised course enables you to create an Alternative Learning Cooperative for families - covering from birth all the way to 16, based on our ethos of nurturing creative, compassionate little change makers.


Aswell as RootEd Founder specific training you’ll also have free access to 11 other courses - from traditional baby massage and kids yoga through to nature babies and teen yoga


If you’re ready to create a supportive village for the families in your community and join our growing tribe of RootEd Founders then click on the links below to book your space!

You can find out more about what's included in this unique training here or get in touch!

Pay in full here 

Pay over 9 months here

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