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Calling all the Wild Mamas...

The ones who want to reconnect to their intuition and feel total faith in its wisdom

The ones who believe in their natural instinct as a Mother

The ones who don’t want to coparent with the government and create a generation of little robots 

The ones who want to nurture the wildness of their little ones and themselves

The ones who want to bathe in the glory of Motherhood rather than be pushed to make it a side hustle and become depleted and burnt out in the process

The ones who know there’s a better way , a wiser way , a wilder way.....

Tree Stump

It starts in pregnancy when we’re coerced into jumping on the treadmill of industrialised birth - one tick box after another

The fear kicks in

We’re bombarded with images of new mothers springing back into shape, having an immaculate home, heading out everyday to ALL the baby classes , having a successful ‘boss babe’ career and juggling all the balls with apparent ease

The ‘not enoughness’ kicks in

Our little ones are measured and scored at every turn, we’re encouraged to be in competition with the mother next us rather than being their Village

The loneliness kicks in

We find ourselves on a conveyer belt of mindlessly getting through every day - just trying to do everything on the never ending list and feeling guilty when we simply can’t

The overwhelm kicks in


It was never meant to be this way

It’s time for change

It’s time to stand together

It’s time to step off the treadmill

You know that feeling you have when you’ve been in Circle with other women…, loved, seen, respected, powerful?……

THAT feeling is what Roots is founded on .


A space where you are welcome as you are

A space where your whole body just relaxes

A space where you feel safe to laugh, cry, rant or just be still, knowing that there’s no judgment, just love

The doors open  … are you coming home?

We are the blossom , disconnected from the elements that nourish us , trying to survive in a world where we are destined to be depleted


This circle is your space to delve deeper than you've ever gone before


As a collective of women on this journey together we will explore why we've become so disconnected and

dysregulated and how we can reconnect to our true, innate power and wisdom and purpose.

After witnessing the incredible transformations that occurred during the previous three rounds of this Program i have decided that now feels like the perfect time to open the doors to Roots 


There is no rush, no schedule, no agenda, no time limit, this journey becomes more powerful every time you revisit it!


Why join Roots?

I am from a Romany Gypsy family.


Two years ago you would never have heard me make that statement , why?

Because i had been taught to believe that i would be judged, i wouldn't be safe, i wouldn't be liked or taken seriously. Hiding who i was had a crippling affect on my self esteem, my nervous system and my life in general. I felt like a fraud.

Being someone you're not literally shatters your nervous system - you are continually relaying the message that you're not safe - your body is in a constant stress response - this has huge implications both mentally and physically.

I was continuously exhausted, i struggled to make authentic friendships (how could i when i would'n't let anyone know the real me!) and i was hiding behind a plethora of logos and branding in my business - i just wanted to hide.

I knew i needed to break the cycle for my own daughters (did you know that generation healing impacts 7 generations before you and 7 generations after you?!)

I began a journey of remembering my Roots, of getting to the bottom of why i felt the way i did and of finding ways to support myself along the way.

This has transformed my life and now it's transforming the lives of other women all over the world.

You will develop an innate inner wisdom that enables you to feel grounded and connected in your true authenticity. You will have a toolkit of somatic resources and rituals to return to whenever you need them and you will have been reminded of the  immense power that a Circle of Women who can genuinely hold space for one another has.

So, what does Roots include?

6 beautiful guided meditations 

6 powerful breathwork techniques

6 Journal pages of prompts

6 deep dive webinars 

Rituals and practices to support your daily wellbeing on an ongoing basis 

What will we cover?

Week One - Healing our Ancestral Roots - why we are programmed to feel the way we do

Week Two- Understanding the Archetypes and reconnecting to our divine feminine energy

Week Three- Understanding the rhythms and cycles that connect us to this energy

Week Four- Nervous System Reset - the power of the breath

Week Five -Creating rituals and routines that ground and support us

Week Six- Celebrating our Roots and understanding our soul purpose

This work is lifechanging and the more women we reach the better! This is why i designed a unique Facilitator Training Program that enables you to run Circles and Ceremonies for every stage of the Womanhood Journey using the Roots Methodology.

Roots Motherhood Circle & Ceremony Facilitator Training is studied online at your own pace with absolutely no time limit - you have lifetime access to all training material.

Upon completion you will be professionally Certified to run:

Breathe & Heal Somatic Breathwork Circles

Meditation Classes and Circles 

Circles & Ceremonies for:






Roots Womens Circles 

You will also be qualified to use this powerful Method in 1:1 Consultations

Roots truly is a beautifully unique program - which is why the doors to the Facilitator Training are only open to those who have already experienced its magic in the 6 week immersion.

To celebrate our Spring launch i am inviting a handful of women to experience the full immersion and train to facilitate Roots Motherhood Circles and Ceremonies for just £111

The investment will then rise to £777!

You have immediate access to the 6 week immersion upon booking , followed by access to the Training ...

These spaces won't be around for long - if this is calling you then book here...

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