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our regenerative play story

Meet Clare, the Founder of Regenerative Play.....

Hey, I’m Clare - A mama of two wild daughters (& a whole host of animals) a wife, doula, ex teacher, business founder and through & through hippy (to my kids embarrassment) 🌈✌🏼 I stepped off the patriarchal treadmill over five years ago after burning out on all levels and have since supported over 600 women to do the same , through my accredited training programs, courses and coaching. Last year I realised that unschooling my entire family life was the only authentic way for us to feel truly free and genuinely happy - so we did it! ( my youngest has chosen to stay at school for now - key word here being ‘choice’ 😬) So, this year my whole world is pivoting - including my business and I cannot wait to share our journey with you - we have some really exciting (slightly bonkers) plans and I would love you to come along for the ride 🌊🏄‍♀️ If you’d like to know more about how I’ve regenerated our whole family life , created a business from scratch that earns more than my full time teaching job did and enables me to fully embrace family life ( without the constant mum guilt AND really importantly without joining any dodgy get rich quick bullshit schemes where the rich get richer and you just get poorer!) then get in touch! All the Love Clare Xx ​

Where it all began...

In 2018, exhausted and disillusioned i left a full time teaching career and founded the Little Wildflower Forest School site - this was initially a space where children could just BE children. I very quickly realised that the parents who came along needed the connection and nurturing that was on offer as much as their wildlings did and it became a wellbeing sanctuary for the whole family .

A space where there was no pressure , turn up as you are!

A space where there was no agenda or expectation to ‘do’

A space where the pressure of whether their child would ‘join in’ or ‘listen’ was completely removed

A space where their wildlings were actively encouraged to express themselves in whatever way that worked for them!

As my own children have headed into their teens i’ve realised just how important it is to continue to have these spaces and just how rare they are (which is why i've added Yoga for teens to the program)

This was the fire behind Regenerative Play - a place where children and families can come together in community for as long as they want to - not just a 6 week term of something then off you go!

As an early years teacher and mother i have witnessed the constant pressure to conform, to fit in, to compete, to be quiet on demand, to stay still, the look like everyone else, to sound like everyone else.

These wounds run deep. Regenerative Play Communities are undoing all the bullshit of the system and igniting the fire within each individual family , so that they recognise the unique magick within their child and get to watch them thrive and find their voice.

Our world needs this now more than ever

It’s time for change

It’s time to stop being afraid to stand out from the crowd

It’s time to honour the creatives, the artists, the runners and jumpers, the explorers and horse whisperers (if you know you know!!)

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