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Join us on an eco conscious journey through the seasons!

'We use The Six Pillars Of Play & Wellbeing for Little Wildflowers ' to make Wild Play
accessible, fun and authentically child led all year round

Each seasonal pack is full of nature based play ideas, crafts to try, a focus on what's
happening in the world around us- the animals, the plants and the planets, eco conscious
sustainable swaps, ideas and recipes for growing and cooking your own food at home, mini
mindful moment opportunities and nature based stories full of wanderlust and magic- all
guided by our Forest Fairy for the season (who loves to send our little Wildflowers letters
throughout the year!)

You also receive a Wild Play Journal to complete throughout each season, where you can
add photos, art work and reflections.

For every Wild Play Journal you complete you receive a logo and certificate. On
completion of a whole year of Wild Play you'll become an official Ambassador and can
display our logo- showing your dedication to Wild Play all year round!

What are The Six Pillars of Play & Wellbeing for Little Wildflowers?

At Wildflower we wholeheartedly believe that these opportunities are best available to us
in nature.

The following 'Six Pillars of Play and Wellbeing for Little Wildflowers' encompass


1: Less plastic, more play!


2: Storytelling Magic


3: Tinker and Potter


4: Get Moving!


5: Connect & Slow down


6: Every Child

What does Play Wild Include?

Access to our private community group where you'll find to exclusive workshops, class demos, share your Play Wild activities and meet other wild Mamas who are on this journey too!

A 194 page Play Wild Manual which includes:

An overview of the Six Pillars of Play and Wellbeing

A comprehensive guide to how Play supports learning from birth to 8 years  - including a focus on tummy time, natural sequential learning, communication, literacy, numeracy, social skills, confidence and creativity 

A Deep dive into the theory of 'Process over Product' and how to support authentically self directed play and learning 

What is sensory Play and how can we use all the senses to support holistic development? 

Using essential oils safely in sensory play

Exploring Pikler & RIE

Exploring Montessori

Exploring Reggio Emilia

Exploring TeWhariki 

Exploring Forest School

24 Seasonal Workbooks full of Play Wild activities, Yoga flash cards, Mud Kitchen recipes, story ideas ,forest fairy letter templates, guides to whats happening in nature, recipes, grow your own food, moon magic, star gazing and so much more!

4 Seasonal Journals where you can keep photos, make notes and plan your next steps!




Feel free to come and join our totally free Play & Mama Wild Community Group here :


I’ll be hosting exclusive workshops & classes in this space and of course it’s the perfect place to meet other Wild Mamas - we were never meant to do this alone. You’re invited to introduce yourself in the space when you’re ready .


If you’re an Early Years professional then you’re super welcome too … in fact you can request professionally recognised certificates (at no extra cost) for every season you complete - a great way to demonstrate your commitment to authentically Wildling led learning! 


The full year of Play Wild Resources is sent to your inbox as soon as you join - so you can work through them as many times as you like at your own pace.

This also means that wherever you are in the World you can get started and be part of our global Play Wild community (we have almost 500 members and we're growing rapidly!)

For the time being you can access Play Wild for just £12* - no ongoing fees or catches!


(*This price will soon increase, so now is a great time to join!)

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